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Got married at a wrong age, I’m still in infatuated with Vijay: Amala Paul


Actress Amala Paul has said that though she has separated from her director-husband Vijay, she is still in love with him. “Of course, I love him and I would always be in love with him,” she has gone on record.

After the much-appreciated marriage in 2014, Vijay and Amala filed for mutual separation from each other stating that they had been remaining separately from February, 2015 onwards which only meant that their matrimonial bliss lasted hardly for 6-8 months. They await the divorce decree from the Family Court in Chennai.

“I feel I’ve just made a start in my life; I started acting from 18 years of age and got married at 23, separated at 24. As I had none to advise me, I only learnt by the mistakes I had committed. I cried a lot after separating from Vijay but still learnt a lot. I still love him; in fact, I’d be always in love with him as he is a special person in my life. Though we don’t live together, the romance is always there.

“Separating from Vijay was easily the toughest decision in my life. Nobody gets married to part ways. It’s tough to understand life. It wasn’t a wrong decision to get married but getting married so early (in my early twenties) could have been the fault but I still don’t regret it,” Amala said while speaking to a leading English daily.

“I hadn’t embarked on tour due to my busy shooting schedules for the past few years and utilized the past few months to go to new places and meet lots of people. It was a very different experience for me to observe various kinds of cultures,” she concluded.

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