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Radhika to be the female protagonist in Adithya’s film


Performing artist Radhika Apte is all set to star as the protagonist in an upcoming film to be coordinated by a debutant director and to star in her second Tamil film of the year.

Her easy going depiction as the hero’s better half in Kabali, shaping her significant other’s non-verbal communication, style of dressing, and so forth., got the consideration of motion picture goers bigly. It now turns out that she has been drawn closer to assume a lady driven part in an untitled upcoming film to be directed by G.R. Adithya, who might soon be making his directorial appearance with Savarakathi, delivered by Myskkin.

Yielding that discussions are on with Radhika Apte to play the female protagonist in the new film, Adithya says that Radhika loved the script, she hadn’t yet signed along the dotted lines to star in the venture. “It would be very different from my debut venture Savarakathi; I would be penning the script and dialogues of the new film,” informs Adithya.

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