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Few plot thoughts for a Wonder Woman continuation

Few plot thoughts for a Wonder Woman continuation
Few plot thoughts for a Wonder Woman continuation

Not since Marvel’s initially Iron Man in 2008 has a superhero film left groups of onlookers needing more at the earliest opportunity as Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman. Obviously, they’ll get more this November when Gal Gadot returns in Justice League, yet it’s not the same.
There’s actually an era of time between the finish of Wonder Woman and her re-development as Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and a considerable measure of untold story to interface those two account specks.

Where did Diana go for all that time? There is all that could possibly be needed material to be mined from this century time hole for a continuation.
Is Ares Actually Dead? It absolutely looked like Ares was completely crushed — and annihilated — toward the finish of the film, however is it truly that simple to execute a divine being? Particularly given that the world went from the Great War to the Second World War in two decades, which would be something that proposed the hand of Ares, given the mythology of the motion picture.
Another last detail from the film: What really happened to Doctor Poison? We realize that Diana didn’t slaughter her when she had the possibility — truth be told, that was the decision that helped her leap forward the outrage she felt taking after Steve’s (Chris Pine) passing. Yet, where did she pursue that?
Does Diana Return to Paradise Island? Diana’s mom tried disclosing to her that, should she leave the island, she may stay away forever, which clearly brings up the issue of whether she made it back, or even attempted. Returning home in the wake of slaughtering Ares and losing Steve would appear like the most regular decision to Diana.
Was Ares Lying About Wonder Woman’s Origin? The most odd bit of the motion picture’s peak was Ares’ disclosure that Diana was really Zeus’ little girl, given to the Amazons for care — which is not exclusively not what Diana accepted about herself, it’s a noteworthy break from comic book ordinance in that it expels Hippolyta from Diana’s parentage, and transforms Diana into a divine being. Will she attempt and find more about her legendary birthplaces?

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