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Performing artist Tulasi dispatches Shankarabharanam Award

Performing artist Tulasi dispatches Shankarabharanam Award
Performing artist Tulasi dispatches Shankarabharanam Award

THE SHANKARABHARANAM AWARD has been established by performing artist Tulasi Shivamani as a token of her most profound respect for her master Dr K Vishwanath garu. The name of the film itself brings out a moment review of Vishwanath garu and Tulasi’s work in it. The film is along these lines uncommon in both their vocations, consequently the name of this honor.

Depicting the idea behind propelling this honor on 20th June 2017, which is additionally her 50th birthday celebration, Tulasi says, “A director is the person who offers life to a performing artist. He is the master for an on-screen character. When you perform well, the master is glad for his understudy. He doesn’t expect anything consequently. Along these lines, this yearly honor for the very film industry that he is related with, is my little method for offering my regards to my master, who is likewise my companion, philosopher, and guide. I simply needed to convey a little grin to his face, with a motion of my most profound appreciation for his impact and effect on my life and profession. I would not call it a major, formal “award” ceremony. I consider it to be a ‘family get together’, with the film group of his well wishers, companions and associates meeting up for one night, to commend his nearness in our lives. I need every one of the on-screen characters who worked with him, to meet him, appreciate spending a night in his nearness, viewing social exercises together. In the meantime, we ought to likewise give the business people a chance to get the honors they merit, from his exceptionally hands. The general population he has worked with, all affection him as a father figure and as a master. So we need all the glow we have in our souls to contact him and suffocate ourselves in his adoration for his film family, on this event. This is our first year, and we plan to make it a yearly issue which will incorporate all the Southern film businesses as well as the Hindi film industry since Vishwanath garu has worked in every one of these dialects.”

SPECIAL FEATURES OF THE SHANAKARABHARANAM AWARDS FUNCTION are numerous. For one, the show will be directed totally by women. Explaining on this, Tulasi says, “There are 4900 women in my Tulasi’s Women’s Organization. They hail from various strolls of life and from different expert fields. Some are dancers and from other social fields, some from cinema and media while others are homemakers. We lead numerous social exercises. In the center gathering, we have around 608 women members who dependably meet up when we arrange any movement. For this award, it is this all –womens group will’s identity directing the ceremony and making every one of the game plans for the show.”

Though ordinarily, film grant demonstrates have move exhibitions and productions by film big names, The Shankarabharanam Award function will be distinctive. “We will be having a cultural execution by the underprivileged and physically challenged. We have a gathering of visually challenged and cancer survivors among others, will’s identity performing. We might want to utilize this chance to respect them and give them a stage to exhibit their ability within the presence of Vishwanath garu, whose relationship with expressions of the human experience has been profound and longstanding,” says Tulasi.

What’s more, the Shankarabharanam Awards ceremony will emerge from its companions in a most particular way. For, aside from the usual awards for best performing artists and experts, there will be special award classifications for the ground level representatives who hold up the film industry with their aptitudes, diligent work, and enthusiasm for cinema, keeping it very much oiled and running. “We need to rouse and energize even the grass root level workers of the industry. They do as such much for the everyday running of the shoot and smooth operation of our units. We need to freely perceive their endeavors with awards for them. In this way, we will have classes like Best Lightman, Best Utensils Cleaner, Best Make –up assistant, Best Car Driver, Best Lighting assistant, Best Assistant Director and so on. We will be honoring the seniors in each of these classifications. Along these lines we trust it will end up being a comprehensive yearly award, that each department of the film industry anticipates each year.”

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