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Jallikattu motion picture being shot in the wild areas of Kenya

Jallikattu motion picture being shot in the wild areas of Kenya
Jallikattu motion picture being shot in the wild areas of Kenya

Interestingly, a South Indian film was shot among the wild of Kenya and particularly the tribes of Maasai Mara.

The Maasai tribes in Kenya are among one of the most seasoned living tribes as yet proceeding with their remarkable way of life with less obstruction from the different coming of innovation. However they keep on living congruously with steers and nature. For the Tamil component JALLIKATTU 5-23rd 2017, there is an exceptional bond with the Maasai tribes and the steers that connections it to the bull utilized amid the Jallikattu brandish.

In connection to this, the group of the film alongside the Director, producer and a blend of Indian and global team shot widely in the Maasai villages with the dairy cattle and their conventional practices for near a fortnight.

The broad research done on dairy cattle and Civilisations from the National Museum of Nairobi drives the historical backdrop of go of the cows from East Africa( by and by Kenya) to South India and there’s an immediate match of the DNA of the cows in East Africa among the tribes to that of the Kangeyam Jallikattu Bull.

Further, we could take part in the more profound examination with the assistance of Cattle specialist Karthikeyan Sivasenapathy on this. The component is in its initial phase of after creation. It depends on the current understudy uprising in Marina shoreline in January that snatched national consideration and that along these lines prompted the Ordinance to be passed for the requests raised. Scarcely any photos of the shoot and some in the background are encased. The film is created under the pennant of Ahimsa Productions headed by Nirupama and it’s the directorial make a big appearance for Santhosh Gopal with the music of Ramesh Vinayaakam and camera by S Ka Bhoopathy and supervisor Kasi Vishwanathan among the solid specialized group. The film is co-produced by Ganapathy Murugesh, Jayapal Natesan from the USA, alongside Guru Saravanan from Singapore in relationship with Nirupama.

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