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Muslim driver’s mettle saved lives in Amarnath assault

Muslim driver's mettle saved lives in Amarnath assault
Muslim driver's mettle saved lives in Amarnath assault

Srinagar, July 11: The strength and common sense of the Muslim driver from Gujarat who continued driving the Amarnath explorer transport even after it was assaulted by fear based oppressors in Jammu and Kashmir helped spare many lives.

Salim did not lose nerve when aggressors opened fire at the transport on Monday evening.

“I dodged and kept driving the transport so I could take the transport away to some sheltered place,” Salim told journalists while portraying the episode in which seven travelers were slaughtered and 19 harmed in a dread assault in Khanabal range on the Srinagar-Jammu parkway.

In spite of his vehicle being showered with slugs shot from programmed weapons, the driver drove for almost a large portion of a kilometer from the place of assault until the point when he achieved a little camp of security powers.

Salim’s significant other told journalists in Gujarat that her better half had been conveying pioneers to Amarnath for more than four years while his senior sibling had been doing likewise for almost 11 years.

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani on Tuesday said the overcome driver has spared numerous valuable lives and that the state government had chosen to designate him for a grit grant.

“We need to thank the transport driver who spared many lives in the midst of overwhelming terminating. The Gujarat government will select Salim for valiance grant with the focal government,” Rupana said at the Surat air terminal while getting the assortments of the killed travelers.

The Jammu and Kasmir bureau has chosen to give Salim a measure of Rs 3 lakh for his demonstration of fortitude.

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