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Akshay kumar’s diligent work for ‘2.o’

Akshay kumar's diligent work for '2.o'
Akshay kumar's diligent work for '2.o'

Bollywood’s driving performing artist Akshay Kumar has uncovered that it took almost five hours for him to apply and expel the prosthetic cosmetics in director Shankar and Superstar Rajinikanth’s ‘2.O’. “It took 3.5 hrs to put the uncommon cosmetics for my character and 1.5 hrs to expel”, said Akshay Kumar.

Akshay likewise said that since Shankar has done as such quite a bit of diligent work that there was no requirement for any practices and he just took after what he requesting that he do.

“I require another five movies to take in the honorable characteristics of Superstar Rajinikanth, he is a jewel”, commended Akshay Kumar.

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