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Did trisha quit saamy 2 out of sheer restlessness?

It is accounted for that Trisha quit Saamy Square (spin-off of Saamy) as she didn’t have enough tolerance and guts to go up against the part offered to her.

From the get-go in her profession, Trisha thought about stopping the film industry when she was offered her part in Saamy in 2003. The film went ahead to end up plainly a super hit, in this manner broadening Trisha’s profession which has now drawn out to an astounding spell of 15 years. She was as of late joined to star in Saamy Square by director Hari however quit it inside a couple of days of marking along specked lines.

Things being what they are Trisha was offered to match up inverse ‘father’ Vikram in the spin-off as Vikram assumes double parts of a father and his child. Keerthy Suresh was combined inverse ‘child’ Vikram which would mean Trisha would article the relative of Keerthy Suresh though not in many arrangements. Trisha, who is as yet playing the champion in films, thought such a move would spell fate to the rest of the times of her profession.

Indeed, even Vikram addressed her by and by in an obvious push to keep Trisha part of Saamy Square. Trisha clearly didn’t have the bravery of Anushka who played Tamannaah’s ‘relative’ by playing Prabhas’ mom (he attempted double parts in the film of the child and the father) in the giant hit Baahubali!

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