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Rajinikanth’s ‘2.0’ producers behind tamil rockers and tamil gun robbery sites? Here is the official elucidation!

Disputable site Savukku distribute an article proposing that Lyca Productions are the ones who are behind the two mainstream theft sites Tamil Rockers and Tamil Gun.


In an official explanation, Lyca denied the report as an unmerited claim. Here is the thing that the production house needs to say in regards to the assertion…


A couple of days back savukkuonline.com conveyed an article blaming Lyca Productions for pushing and spreading on the web robbery. Lyca Productions is a main Indian Film Production and Distribution organization. The area names under which the so cal. theft exercises were completed are lycamovie.com and lycamovies.com


Lycamovie.com was made on May 21′. 2014 under the administrator name Tamil Tamilan. On May 22`.° 2014, the site was re-coordinated to Tarnilgun.corn a well known online theft webpage. On 2″” June 2014, Lycamovies.com was made under the same administrator name Tamil Tamilan. Along these lines Lycamovies.com was additionally diverted to Lycamovie.com. Exercises on both Lycarnovies.com and Lycamovie.com were closed around 29th June 2014. Now, we might want to obviously express that neither Lyca bunch nor Lyca creations was in at any rate connected with both of the area names – lycamovies corn and lycamovie.com. Following this the space name lycamovie.com was not restored by the past administrator Tamil Tamilan and it turned out to be free. Lyca Group attempted the area name Lycamovie.com on July 5′. 2017. Lyca Group couldn’t procure the area name Lycamovies.com as the space name was recharged. It is normal corporate practice to obtain area names with prefixes and additions as an organization grows. By and by lycamovie.com is diverted to lycaproductions.in, Lyca Productions’ legitimate site. We might want to emphasize Lyca Productions was not the slightest bit related with lycamovie.com before July fifth 2017. Additionally post July fifth 2017 there has been no online robbery exercises on lycamovie.com. In this manner the assertions against Lyca Productions are unmerited and purposeful to criticize the organization name. As an association Lyca Group has emphatically pushed Anti Piracy standards and has found a way to control theft for both our movies and different movies. In the event that there is any substantiating confirmation against us. we will clear up it any discussion


It is frustrating that a confirmed online website like savukkuonline com can convey such a defamatory article without illuminating it with us That goes totally against Journalistic integrity_ It is further baffling when other media houses convey this without checking with us or clearing up a similar We have chosen to make stringent move against the media houses and identities who have talked unjustifiably against Lyca Group. We at Lyca Productions have confidence in solid substance creation and have constantly bolstered the film business at each point. We ask for everybody not to accept unmerited charges and to clear up anything with us straightforwardly.

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