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Iravuku 1000 Kangal Public Statement

The evening of 1000 eyes that vanquished every one of the eyes and the consideration.


“Iravukku Ayiram Kangal” featuring Arul nithi and Mahima nambiar has swung to be the cynosure of the considerable number of eyes. Discharged over a week ago end in the midst of immense rivalries “Iravukku Ayiram Kangal” had broken the hold of the iron screen and commanded the silver screen because of the most charming screen play of the current years.


Director Maran who had webbed this wrongdoing thriller with bands of brightness is said to splash in awards. Saint Arulnithi has demonstrated his hypothesis that the stars are conceived with the guideline strategy of “Picking the correct content”.


In the event that exhibitions are the composts of any fruitful film “Iravukku Ayiram Kangal” is rich in having the best of exhibitions. The honorable do great purity of Mahima Nambiar, the re rise of Chaya Singh, the effective depiction of Anand Raj, the regularly grinning professional killer Ajmal, the persuading Lakshmi Ramakrishnan, the quiet and created “Aadukalam Narendran” joined with the intense execution of the “New Angry young fellow Tamil Nadu” Arulnithi make watching this film a commendable ordeal. Producer Dilli Babu of Access film processing plant relaxing in the eminence of consecutive hits with “Iravukku Ayiram Kangal” following “Maragatha Nanayam” credits the accomplishment to his group.


“Achievement takes after progress, if the exertion and productivity match and walk together. My group capably drove by Director Maran investigated every possibility to get this going. Saint Arulnithi was a genuine legend I would state. His endeavors and devotion will take him to extraordinary statures. Not just the tunes, even the re recording exertion of music chief C S Sam needs unique say. The forceful promoting methodology of 24 PM had a noteworthy impact in this achievement. Iam happy that the foot fall in the auditoriums has been rising. There are expanding requests from the exhibitors and we will build the screens from 200 theaters and 220 screens to significantly more in the coming week ” announced Producer Dilli Babu with fervor.

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