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Will vadivelu offer 9cr to shankar?

Vadivelu is stuck in an unfortunate situation since Shankar who is producing Imsai Arasan 24am Pulikecei has requested that he settle 9cr in light of the fact that the actor is declining to act in the film. Yet, Vadivelu has disclosed to Vishal who is intervening this issue he can act if Shankar is prepared to give him 2cr as compensation.


Be that as it may, Vishal, President of Tamil Film Producers Council has requested that Vadivelu demonstration in Imsai Arasan 24am Pulikecei with no condition. On the off chance that Vadivelu neglects to go to the shoot and make more issues to Shankar and group Imsai Arasan 24am Pulikecei, the industry will give a red card to the performing artist which implies he can’t some other Tamil movies in his lifetime.


Vadivelu has ten more days to choose whether to act in Imsai Arasan 24am Pulikecei or to give Rs 9cr to Shankar.

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