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Prevalent Venue Proprietor’s Child Underpins Rajinikanth For His Remark On Hostile To Social Components

Rohini Theater proprietor Pannerselvam’s child Nikilesh Surya, the Executive Director of Rohini Silver Screens has bolstered Rajinikanth’s announcement saying that the counter social components are in charge of the viciousness in Sterlite challenge.


“Today Rajinikanth has reverberated an exceptionally solid and sensible conclusion on the situation in Tamil Nadu. He has talked about things that no other government official has assembled the fearlessness to say. No honest protestor would include in such viciousness. On the off chance that he did, at that point he isn’t a piece of the honest open. It is the seed to the most hazardous Far-Left radical philosophy in my anti-extremist dynamic state. Rajini has emphatically voiced against these called motivation driven dissents. We are a flourishing majority rule government with a completely working effective constitution and legal. We don’t require savage improvement negative dissents by the ‘alleged individuals’ for each and every issue.NO, We don’t need Tamil Nadu to wind up a Kerala. We don’t need a state in which the main talk among individuals amid the introduction of a kid is to choose which Arab nation he’d be utilized in. Tamil Nadu is a dynamic state with a moderate belief system and we ought to stay unflinching by these fizzled Leftistandanti national dissenter forces.At this crossroads when the Collective subjective capacity and insight of the state is at an untouched low determined by images, whatsapp advances and youtube talks, we NEED a prominent symbol like RAJINIKANTH. No one but he can voice disliked sentiments which will at last be for more noteworthy’s benefit of the state and hold over them with his notoriety. His quality, picture and prevalence can spare the state from sinking under the control of Anti-social components! #Rajinikanth”, said Nikilesh Surya in his announcement.


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